TELEMEDICINE is now legal for medical marijuana certifications.  See the specific rules and laws here.

We provide totally remote appointments with our doctor by phone or video.



1) Go to and click the 'BOOK NOW' link

2) Choose the 'TELEMEDICINE' appointment

3) Pick a date and time for your appointment and click 'Next'

4) Answer the intake questions.

5) Submit payment information.

6) You're all done. Now just wait for the doctor to call you at your designated appointment time.


On the day of your appointment, you will receive an instant approval email that acts as a temporary card and gives you immediate access to dispensaries and medicine.  Your hard card will then arrive in 7 to 10 days.

NOTE: See up-to-date pricing info on our website booking page. The listed price includes the $40 State application fee. We collect payment at booking so we can pay the State and start on your application immediately.

NOTE: We also still offer in-person appointments for those nearby wishing to come in and see the doctor face to face, so if this is your preference please call for our most up-to-date clinic hours.

NOTE:  Anyone denied certification for medical reasons (or lack thereof) will receive a full refund of the doctor certification fee.  You can also cancel your appointment for any reason and receive a full refund up to 48 hours prior to your appointment time.  The reason for this 48-hour policy is that we start work on your application prior to your appointment so that everything is done and can be approved at your appointment time.

NOTE: If you have a STATE ID (instead of a drivers license), there may be a short delay in receiving your approval email, although it will still usually arrive before 5 pm that same day. If you have a State ID and are being certified after 5 pm or on the weekend, you will usually receive your approval email and temporary card the next business day.

NOTE:  You must have a valid non-expired (or very recently expired on/after March 2020) Michigan drivers license, Michigan State ID, or Michigan voter registration card to be approved.  The State will otherwise deny your application.  If you are denied for this reason, after we have done all the work to prepare your application, you will only be refunded the State's $40 application fee (if it has not yet been paid to the State).

NOTE:  MINORS that wish to be certified must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and must come into the clinic for an in-person evaluation.

NOTE:  We cannot add a CAREGIVER online.  You and your prospective caregiver must print the 'Add/Change Caregiver' form and send it into the State with copies of your IDs.  There is no fee or doctor signature required to add or change a caregiver.  You and your prospective caregiver can do this yourselves after you are certified.  You can also come into the clinic in-person and we will help you with this.

NOTE:  If you already have an online account with the State and we did not create it, or you have changed your password since your prior certification with us, you must provide us with your PASSWORD. If you do not know your password, call 517-284-6400 ext 5 and ask them to give you a new password, and then email it to   Not providing your password 24 hours prior to your appointment may significantly delay your approval.  If we created your online account, and you have not changed the password since, then don't worry we should have everything saved. 

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